Pop On, Let the World Understand You

A global language service & cultural exchange application.
Instantly matching with native speakers to help practice anywhere and at any time.Come and join our global citizen community.

User Stories

Pop On is helping language learners from all over the world to make their experience more enjoyable and effective.

  • After completing a Mandarin course at my university, I have been using this application almost every day to refresh my memory.
    George Amos ( South Africa)

  • As a language learner myself I know some of the struggles students deal with, so I love sharing my passion of learning to users from all over the world.
    Kevin Zhang (China)

  • I have been teaching on this app for 3 months now. The resources make it really easy and exciting to teach such useful content to the students.
    Joanne McGovern (Ireland)

  • Learning Chinese has definitely been made easy with the use of Pop On, a few minutes a day makes all the difference!
    Karla Telford (U.K)

  • Learning grammar is essential but my English has improved so much since I have been actively talking to native speakers every day.
    Lulu Shen (China)

  • I love the globe function on the app. It makes me feel like I am really connected with the world. It’s exciting to find out who I will match with next.
    Mike Kessel ( Canada)

Let the world understand you